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7-9 September 2012
Brussels Games

Brussels Gay Sports will offer a weekend of fun and fairplay in the capital of Europe, with volleyball, swimming, badminton, and tennis, as well as fitness and hiking.

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26-28 October 2012
Bern, Switzerland

The success of the first edition of the QueergamesBern proved the need for an LGBT multisport event in Switzerland. This year will be even bigger, with badminton, bowling, running, walking, floorball.

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17-20 January 2013
Sin City Shootout
Las Vegas
The 7th Sin City Shootout will feature softball, ice hockey, tennis, wrestling, basketball, dodgeball, bodybuilding and basketball.

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13-16 June 2013
IGLFA Euro Cup
After this year's edition in Budapest at the EuroGames, the IGLFA Euro Cup heads to Dublin for 2013, hosted by the Dublin Devils and the Dublin Phoenix Tigers.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eurogames Team-Up Conference at Frankfurt Xmas Tournament

From the latest newsletter of the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation:

Team-up Conference

A group of aproximately 20 members gathered in Frankfurt during the Xmas Tournament to discuss strategies of support to the organisers of EuroGames 2012 in Budapest. Here’s a short summary of the results of the meeting:

- FRIGO presented an update of the
organisation of EG2012 and the team
involved. As there will be no public
funding for any of the planned activities,
the largest part of the costs has to be
financed by revenues from registration
fee. The major challenges in this context
are: get as many registrations as soon
as possible and make sure that the
payments of the registered persons are
done as soon as possible. At the moment
around 500 persons have registered but
only 10% have payed yet. This causes
serious cash-flow problems.

- FRIGO plans a decentralised paneuropean
fundraising event during the
weekend of 24-25th February 2012. The
idea is to organise several fundraising
parties in different places in Europe and
link them via livestream. Details will follow
soon via the EGLSF members list.

- FRIGO invites all EGLSF-members to
use the banners and graphics that are
available on their website for the sake of
making publicity for EG2012.

- Pan Idraet has sponsored travel
expenses for its members of up to
2.800€ for all volunteers that support
EG2012. Out of this project a professional
security manager, who was in charge for
this domain during WorldOutgames in
Copenhagen, has visited Budapest and
elaborated a detailled analyses of the
security situation. The result is that the
security situation in Budapest 2012 is
expected to be no different from any other
city in Western Europe. A short summary
of this report shall be published via the
EGLSF members list.

- Artemis Sport Frankfurt announced that
its board decided to dedicate the sum of
1.000€ to foster early registrations among
their members. Artemis-members that
register early will get a reimbursement on
their registration fee.

- IGLA will organise and finance a
demonstrational water-polo match with an
All-Star-Team during EG2012.
- IGLFA has organised a football
tournament in Budapest in order to
evaluate the capacity of the local team to
organise large tournaments. The result
was very positive. The tournament was
apreciated by its participants. Especially
the italian teams have expressed their
full support in doing publicity among
the LGBT sports scene in Italy i.e. by
launching a press-campaign in the italian
LGBT press.

- GLEA announced a 1.000€ donation to
the EG2012 swimming competition.

- Pan Idraet and EGLSF will check
possibilities to make a credit card
payment system available to FRIGO in
order to facilitate payments of registered

This is not an exhaustive list of all support
activities that have been engaged, but
only those that have been announced
and/or discussed during our meeting.

The main challenge for the EGLSF family
will be now to encourage our members
to register and when they did so to
encourage them to pay their registration
fee. This is also good news, as it means
in revanche that if we manage to foster
participation, the organisers consider that
they will be able to mange the technical
organisation of EG2012.


There are 18 sports to choose from:
Badminton, Basketball, Bridge, Chess,
Cycling, Dance, Football, Handball,
Hiking, Petanque, Roller derby,
Swimming, Synchronized swimming,
Table tennis, Tennis, Track and field,
Volleyball and Wrestling.

Apart from sports, there are also cultural
events, parties and conference planned
Participants may also register as visitors,
solidarity supporters or volunteers.

Budapest awaits you during June 27 and
July 1, 2012 for the 14th EuroGames!

WEB: www.eurogamesbudapest.hu
FB: www.facebook.com/eurogames2012
TW: www.twitter.com/2012eurogames

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