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7-9 September 2012
Brussels Games

Brussels Gay Sports will offer a weekend of fun and fairplay in the capital of Europe, with volleyball, swimming, badminton, and tennis, as well as fitness and hiking.

Learn more HERE.
26-28 October 2012
Bern, Switzerland

The success of the first edition of the QueergamesBern proved the need for an LGBT multisport event in Switzerland. This year will be even bigger, with badminton, bowling, running, walking, floorball.

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17-20 January 2013
Sin City Shootout
Las Vegas
The 7th Sin City Shootout will feature softball, ice hockey, tennis, wrestling, basketball, dodgeball, bodybuilding and basketball.

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13-16 June 2013
IGLFA Euro Cup
After this year's edition in Budapest at the EuroGames, the IGLFA Euro Cup heads to Dublin for 2013, hosted by the Dublin Devils and the Dublin Phoenix Tigers.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Brazil Cup 2009: LGBT volleyball tournament

Two cities will be hosting the matches of the 2009 Brazil Cup, which will see teams from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, and Puerto Rico competing from 19-22 November.

Obama lifts ban on US entry for those with HIV

Associated Press

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said Friday the U.S. will overturn a 20-year-old U.S. travel ban against people with HIV early next year.

The order will be finalized on Monday, Obama said, completing a process begun during the Bush administration.

The U.S. has been one of about a dozen countries that bar entry to travelers based on their HIV status. Obama said it will be lifted just after the new year, after a waiting period of about 60 days.

"If we want to be a global leader in combatting HIV/AIDS, we need to act like it," Obama said at the White House before signing a bill to extend the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program. Begun in 1990, the program provides medical care, medication and support services to about half a million people, most of them low-income.


In 1987, at a time of widespread fear and ignorance about HIV, the Department of Health and Human Services added the disease to the list of communicable diseases that disqualified a person from entering the U.S.

The department tried in 1991 to reverse its decision but was opposed by Congress, which in 1993 went the other way and made HIV infection the only medical condition explicitly listed under immigration law as grounds for inadmissibility to the U.S.

The law effectively has kept out thousands of students, tourists and refugees and has complicated the adoption of children with HIV. No major international AIDS conference has been held in the U.S. since 1993, because HIV-positive activists and researchers cannot enter the country.

Obama said lifting the ban "is a step that will save lives" by encouraging people to get tested and to get treatment.

Rachel B. Tiven, executive director of Immigration Equality, said the ban pointlessly has barred people from the U.S. and separated families with no benefit to public health.

"Now, those families can be reunited, and the United States can put its mouth where its money is: ending the stigma that perpetuates HIV transmission, supporting science and welcoming those who seek to build a life in this country," said Tiven, whose organization works for fairness in immigration for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and HIV-positive people.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gay Games VIII in DC!

Team DC (teamdc.org) says:

Gay Games VIII Registration and DC Bid Appreciation Party!
Thursday, November 5
Nellie's Sports Bar (900 U Street NW)
6:30 p.m.

We will be hosting a combined Gay Games VIII Registration Party and a BIG Appreciation Event for all who supported the DC Bid to host GGIX in 2014. We will be showing the video "A Call to Freedom" that was part of our 2014 Bid effort. While we came in a close second, we are very proud and appreciative of the work of hundreds of people and the 4 minute video is quite inspiring. Please come celebrate and thank those that helped make this great effort.

We will be joined that night by our friends from Cologne, including the Director of the 2010 Gay Games, Annette Wachter. Anyone who registers that night will receive a 10 Euro discount and don't forget that prices go up on January 1, so if you are planning on attending the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne, now is the time to sign up! We will have laptops there so you can register online or paper registrations will also be available.

In addition, the DC Strokes will be hosting their annual Erg-A-Thon (translation: jocks in unitards!) and Burgundy Crescent Volunteers will be there hosting a social. We'll have a free raffle for some good prizes and bar tabs as well. A busy fun night at Nellie's!

Nellie's will be offering drink specials and a special $20.10 dinner special for two in honor of the 2010 Gay Games. Eat, Drink, and Be Nellie with us!

Same-sex ballroom dancing comes to San Francisco

SF LGBT Issues/Examiner
Eric Ross

Do you like Dancing With the Stars? How about So You Think You Can Dance? If so, you'll love California Dreaming, the largest Same-Sex Dancesport Event in the country, featuring some of the nation's most accomplished same-sex dancers. The 3rd annual competition and show will be in San Francisco on November 7th.

While featured in the Gay Games since 1994 and attracting over 400 competitors from around the world at this year’s 2010 World Outgames in Copenhagen, Same-sex couples are notably absent from the established USA Ballroom Dancing Circuit, the governing body of which being coincidentally (or not) located in Utah. “Ballroom dancing is, and has been historically, thought of as a man and a woman dancing together...much like the mainstream views marriage," said Jeff Chandler, ballroom dancing ‘legend’ and one of the organizers of this star-studded event. "Ballroom has always been one of the most conservative of all the dance styles. We see California Dreaming as an opportunity not only to shatter those social morays but change the art of ballroom dancing itself."

Games Cologne reps in Boston

The sports reps from the Gay Games in Cologne are visiting Boston on October 30th at Club Cafe (corner of Columbus Ave and Berkeley St) From 7 PM in the front section of the club.

They will be able to answer questions you have about the Games and are offering a 10 Euro discount on registration valid until November 4th. Please join us and greet them and see what information they have to take advantage of this visit.

Alden Clark + Rob Silliman

Cologne Marketing Visit to Seattle

Seattle says "See you in Cologne!"

Marketing expert Ingo Toenges and his partner Jose met with athletes and sports leaders in Seattle, WA on 28 October and gave a presentation on the city of Cologne and the 2010 Gay Games. Leaders from Soccer (Football) arrived before the presentation and informed our group that for the first time ever, 5 teams will be attending the IGLFA annual championships at the 2010 Gay Games. Stonewall Football Club of Seattle will defend their gold medal earned in Copenhagen.

Another first was announced was that Seattle will have a basketball team competing in the Gay Games. Jet City Hoops leader Michael Coleman hopes to have 2 teams attending Cologne Gay Games.

The 10-euro discount code for Seattle is good for the next 2 days. Team leaders will share this code with their teammates. Seattle is planning to send over 200 athletes and cultural participants. Team Seattle will plan 2 hotel choices for athletes, so everyone can afford to attend Gay Games VIII next year.

Ingo and Jose are off to Portland, Oregon to meet with athletes and sports leaders on 30 October, 2009. Be Part of It!

Esera Tuaolo on ESPN Outside the Lines

Today 3pm EDT

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

West Coast tour

October 29: Games Cologne in Portland

Reminder from Team Oregon:

Come to learn more about Team Oregon 2010 and meet our guests from Cologne, Germany: Ingo and Jose.

Get answers to all your questions about the Gay Games 2010 in Cologne, Germany, discover what Team Oregon 2010 has in store and maybe join us.

We will be hanging out at Crush from 5-7 pm on Thursday, October 29. Drop by anytime to chat with us and our friends from Germany.

Crush is located at 1400 SE Morrison.

Please feel free to invite anyone who might be interested to this event. It is 100% free and should be loads of fun.

Team Oregon 2010 is trying to send as many athletes and supporters as possible to the Gay Games 2010 in Cologne Germany. The Games are open to people of all orientation and ability levels. Team Oregon 2010 is open to people who will be traveling to Germany AND people who simply want to support the effort.

Stay tuned. We may add a second Happy Hour on Friday.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Team Seattle Promotes Cologne at Film Festival

Tim Murphy staffs the table.

Team Seattle co-presented a short documentary film series including CLAIMING THE TITLE: GAY OLYMPICS ON TRIAL during the 2009 Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Team Seattle took the liberty to promote Games Cologne in the lobby of the famous Cinerama Theater in Seattle. Team Seattle stayed for the next film, Training Rules, and handed out Cologne business cards to a large interested group of attendees.

The exciting news was that CLAIMING THE TITLE: GAY OLYMPICS ON TRIAL won the jury selection as best short documentary film at the festival and honorable mention by the audience selection. Good news about the relationship between the Gay Games and the Olympics today was shared by the director of the film in a post film Q&A session.

Gay Games VIII promo tour: US East Coast tour

The Germans Are Coming!

Gay Games Cologne Adds Nine Cities to North American Tour

Representatives to visit Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas and Cleveland from October 30 to November 11

Cologne, Germany – Representatives of Gay Games Cologne have added 9 cities in the eastern half of the USA to their North American tour. Annette Wachter, the CEO of Games Cologne and Stephan Collet, a member of Games Cologne’s organizing committee, will visit Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas and Cleveland in a trip that starts October 30 and runs through November 11.

In each city, Wachter and Collet will be the guests of local LGBT sports & culture groups at an event featuring a discount on registration for the 2010 Gay Games. Where possible, Wachter and Collet will also meet with local public officials and conduct media interviews.


Friday, October 30 – 7 to 10 pm
Club Cafe, 209 Columbus Avenue, Boston
Hosted by: PrideSports Boston

New York
Monday, November 2 – 6 to 9 pm
Gym Sportsbar, 167 Eighth Avenue, New York
Hosted by: Team New York

Tuesday, November 3 – 5:30 to 8:30 pm
Tavern on Camac, 243 So. Camac St., Philadelphia
Hosted by: Team Philadelphia

Washington DC
Thursday, November 5 – 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Nellie’s Sports Bar, 900 “U” Street, NW, Washington DC
Hosted by: Team DC

Friday, November 6 – Time & Location TBA
Atlanta, Georgia

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Saturday, November 7 – Time & Location TBA
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Sunday, November 8 – Time & Location TBA
Houston, Texas

Monday, November 9 – Time & Location TBA
Dallas, Texas

Tuesday & Wednesday, November 10 & 11 – Time & Location TBA
Cleveland, Ohio (Site of 2014 Gay Games)

Ingo Toenges, head of marketing for the 2010 Gay Games in Cologne, is leading a tour of western cities that began this past weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia, and will include Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles/Long Beach, Palm Springs, and San Diego, California.

Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010

Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 will take place July 31 to August 7, 2010 and will open with an inspiring opening ceremony at RheinEnergie Stadium in front of up to 48,000 people. With 34 sports and five cultural events, Cologne’s Gay Games is expected to draw 10,000 to 12,000 participants. Participation is open to all, regardless of ability or sexual orientation, and no pre-qualifications are necessary. Full information, including registration and travel details, are available at www.games-cologne.com.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Games Cologne Promotional Team to Hit San Francisco

If you are in or around San Francisco, please plan to come to the event listed below. You can meet the representatives from the Cologne Gay Games, learn more about the 2010 Gay Games, and find out how you can save some money on your registration. You can also join the group for an Italian meal afterwards. Hope to see you all there!

Date: Tuesday November 3, 2009
Location of event: Magnet health center (4122 18th Street) followed by dinner at the Sausage Factory restaurant (517 Castro, around the corner from Magnet).
Hosted by: Team San Francisco.
Time: 6:30pm gathering and information-sharing presentation followed by 7:30pm group dinner.
Key contact person - Tyler Cole, 925-368-1151), tycole@hotmail.com

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gay Games featured in Dallas LGBT history month display

To celebrate both GLBT History Month and Archives Month, T-shirts that have been worn by participants during many LGBT events in Dallas are on display at Resource Center Dallas this month. The display was created by Lacey Chrystal, who is the archives intern for the Phil Johnson Historic Archives and Research Library. She is a student attending the University of Texas at Arlington.

For the full story, see the Dallas Voice:

Gay Games VIII -- North American Road Show

Representatives from Games Cologne are making a whirlwind tour of western Canada and US. For information on this tour and the events that will be taking place during the time the team is in each city, contact Kevin Boyer kevin.boyer@allterrain.net.

24-27 Oct---Vancouver
27-29 Oct---Seattle
29-31 Oct---Portland
02-04 Nov---San Francisco
04-06 Nov---Los Angeles
06-08 Nov---Palm Springs (and possibly Phoenix)
08-10 Nov---San Diego

31 Oct---Boston
02 Nov---NYC
03 Nov---Philadelphia
05 Nov---Washington DC
06 Nov---Atlanta
07 Nov---Ft. Lauderdale/Miami
08 Nov---Houston
09 Nov---Dallas
11 Nov---Cleveland

Friday, October 23, 2009

GLT interview with Mary Murphy, judge on "So You Can Dance?" TV show

The San Diego paper, Gay and Lesbian Times conducted a long, and lively interview with Mary Murphy. Mary is the famous judge on the TV show "So You Can Dance?". She talks about same sex partner dancing and why it needs to be added to all competition.

Click HERE to read the interview.

The Gay Games embraced Dance Sport for same sex and opposite sex partners long ago, and she mentions this in her interview. Go Mary!

Dance Sport in Cologne recently announced they will add Country Line Dance to the competition schedule. Yee Haa!

Thursday, October 22, 2009


On Saturday 24 October 2009 at 2:30 PM at the Cinerama Theater in Seattle, WA, Team Seattle co-presents a documentary film about the US Supreme Court case that removed the word Olympics from Gay Games. It is a 29 minute film, and will play after 2 other short documentaries that are unrelated to sport.

"Out in Focus: Shorts" includes three documentaries, one of which is: CLAIMING THE TITLE: GAY OLYMPICS ON TRIAL which will be screened on October 24th.

"Out in Focus: Shorts" 2PM October 24, 2009
Cinerama Theatre - 2100 Fourth Ave. Seattle, WA
You will find film information at:

"Training Rules"
We also will attend the 4:30 PM feature documentary called "Training Rules". This is a true documentary about a very homophobic female college basketball coach. After this film, a leader from GLAAD and others will stay and hold a panel to discuss and answer questions about homophobia and sport.

Team Seattle – http://www.teamseattle.org/

Team Seattle and Games Cologne Event

Team Seattle and Games Cologne Event
Wednesday October 28, 2009 6:30 PM

Cologne Gay Games is conducting a North American Marketing tour from Vancouver BC to San Diego, CA.

We will be hosting local athletes to Capital Hill bar, R-Place located at 619 E Pine St. on Wednesday October 28, 2009 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Cologne volunteers including Ingo Toenges, Marketing Representative, will be present. He will give a presentation at 7:30 PM and answer questions about Cologne Gay Games. He will be offering a special code to get a discount on registration for 2010 Gay Games. Contact Tim Murphy at PerfectImaging@yahoo.com or go to www.teamseattle.org for more information. This event is for all sports and cultural people.

We will have exclusive Cologne Gay Games T-Shirts for the first 5 people to register and we will have postcards, business cards, and brochures for sports leaders to take back to their teams. Please forward this to your teammates.

R-Place - www.rplaceseattle.com
Team Seattle – www.teamseattle.org
Games Cologne – www.games-cologne.com
Gay Games – www.gaygames.com

"I’m gay", says Irish hurling star, Dónal Óg Cusack

"I’m gay", says Irish hurling star, Dónal Óg Cusack.

A three-times All-Ireland sporting hero has stunned his countrymen by announcing that he is gay. Dónal Óg Cusack, 32, a leading exponent of the ancient and quicksilver game of hurling, recently published his autobiograpy, "Come What May".

Cusack is believed to be Europe’s first openly gay elite sportsman.

Click here to see entire article by David Sharrock, Ireland Correspondent, Times Online


To see some very moving footage about the Gay Games, click on any of the links below :

1. Gay Games Scholarship Video – 6:31 minutes

2. GGVIII Cologne Video – 4:40 minutes

3. "Take the Flame" preview/trailer – 2:09 minutes

More Gay Games videos available here:
http://photos.gaygames.com then click, Videos, and click Videos

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Portland, OR welcomes Games Cologne reps

News from Team Oregon:

Come to learn more about Team Oregon 2010 and meet our guests from Cologne, Germany: Ingo and Jose.

Get answers to all your questions about the Gay Games 2010 in Cologne, Germany, discover what Team Oregon 2010 has in store and maybe join us.

We will be hanging out at Crush from 5-7 pm on Thursday, October 29. Drop by anytime to chat with us and our friends from Germany.

Crush is located at 1400 SE Morrison.

Please feel free to invite anyone who might be interested to this event. It is 100% free and should be loads of fun.

Team Oregon 2010 is trying to send as many athletes and supporters as possible to the Gay Games 2010 in Cologne Germany. The Games are open to people of all orientation and ability levels. Team Oregon 2010 is open to people who will be traveling to Germany AND people who simply want to support the effort.

Stay tuned. We may add a second Happy Hour on Friday.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cologne Takes the Flame

Cologne: "... there couldn't be a more welcoming city on earth"

From Passport Magazine:

COLOGNE - For gay visitors, there couldn’t be a more welcoming city on earth—how many other places offer a “pink card,” designed especially for GLBT travelers that provides free public transit and gives discounts everywhere from gay bars to boat tours to fetish shops? Annual gay festivals range from July’s Christopher Street Day to November’s Bear Pride. The city’s famous Carnival with a noticeable gay contingent is usually held in February and is one of the most prominent in Europe. While a metropolis like Berlin might have greater numbers of bars, Cologne is the unofficial “Gay Capital” of Germany. [...]

It will be hard not to know the Gay Games are happening, with a “Gay Games Village” in the heart of town and bridges over the Rhine hung with Gay Games flags. Cultural aspects will include everything from international marching bands and choral groups to a dance competition and the Games’ first cheerleading contest (get those pom poms ready). The International Rainbow Memorial Run will pay tribute to those lost to AIDS, and a GLBT history exhibit will add an educational element. Even the Cologne Zoo is getting in the spirit with a display on gay tendencies in the animal kingdom!

Read the rest of the article HERE

Friday, October 16, 2009

Games Cologne North American tour

Reps from Games Cologne are making a whirlwind tour of western Canada and US. For information on this tour and the events that will be taking place during the time the team is in each city, contact Kevin Boyer

24-27 Oct Vancouver
27-29 Oct Seattle
29-31 Oct Portland
02-04 Nov San Francisco
04-06 Nov Los Angeles
06-08 Nov Palm Springs (and possibly Phoenix)
08-10 Nov San Diego


31 Oct Boston
02 Nov NYC
03 Nov Philadelphia
05 Nov Washington DC
06 Nov Atlanta
07 Nov Ft. Lauderdale/Miami
08 Nov Houston
09 Nov Dallas
11 Nov Cleveland

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Games Cologne tweets

Follow Gay Games VIII news from host Games Cologne on Twitter.

Click HERE.


THANK YOU to Gay Games IX 2014 Bidding Teams from
During our time in Cologne, we were once again reminded of the courage, efforts, and resources required by bidders to participate in the Gay Games Site Selection process.

Although it is a joyous occasion for the organisation selected to host the Gay Games, we recognise the disappointment felt by those not chosen, and heartily applaud Boston and Washington, D.C., for having believed in the Gay Games with the strength and passion required to bid and host this life-changing event. Beyond their commitment to the Gay Games, we are particularly grateful for the increased visibility to LGBT sport and culture that their efforts have provided.

Over the last three decades, the Gay Games has been very fortunate to have had many bidders from all over the world step forward to participate in the Site Selection process. Without the support of bidders, the Gay Games would not be the premier LGBT international multisport and cultural festival that we know today. Therefore, it seems only fitting to pay tribute to Boston, Washington, D.C. and all Gay Games Bidders and to salute them for being key contributors to the almost 30-year Gay Games movement.

To show our appreciation to Boston and to Washington, D.C., and to those who have heeded the call to "take the flame", we invite them to join us in Cologne on 31 July 2010, at the Gay Games VIII Opening Ceremony and VIP Reception. FGG will award a Gay Games Medal of Honour to each organisation as a token of our appreciation and gratitude. This award is not only for their efforts and sacrifice in support of the Gay Games movement, but also for their longstanding cooperation and loyalty over the years.

We salute Boston and Washington, D.C., for being a key part of this legacy, and look forward to continued collaboration.

Michelle Ferris sits out World Masters Games (but she has a good excuse!)

The World Masters Games are underway in Sydney. Among those involved are the folks from Sporting Pulse, the firm selected to provide the FGG's new website and Gay Games registration system, and FGG VP Operations Jon Baldan, who is officiating at the basketball tournament. Someone who's on the sidelines is cycling champ and FGG Ambassador Michelle Ferris.

More from WAToday.com.au:

New arrival halts Ferris' masters plans

* Lisa Martin
* October 14, 2009

A crying newborn daughter has postponed Olympic cycling silver medallist Michelle Ferris' plans to ride at the World Masters Games.

A sleepy Ferris watched on from the sidelines at the Dunc Gray Velodrome in Bass Hill as her competitors completed the criterium race.

Ferris and her partner Kylie, welcomed baby Paige into the world in the early hours of Saturday - day one of the games.

"Mother and baby are doing really well," she said.

"I haven't had much sleep.

"When I'm not quite all there it's not fair on the other competitors, in case I take a corner incorrectly and cause an accident."

Ferris was nostalgic about her Olympic success - back-to-back silver medals at the Sydney and Atlanta.

"It's a part of my life that was unforgettable, it's a long time ago now but doesn't feel like it," she said.

Since retiring from the sport Ferris has been coaching cycling.

She hopes to race the 50km road event at Eastern Creek on the weekend, with her family watching on.

Ferris said the age category for Masters cyclists was changing so she won't be eligible to compete again for another five years.

"It used to be 30, now it's 35," she said.

"By then Paige will be on training wheels."

Ferris is an ambassador for the Sydney World Masters Games and the Gay Games.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Future of LGBT Sport and Culture - 2 October 2009

“The Future of LGBT Sport and Culture”
09:30 – 12:30, 2 October 2009
Cologne, Germany

Moderator: Darl Schaaff, with assistance from Martyn Pickup
40 Participants: See Annex 1

- Ground Rules:
o Darl Schaaff (FGG former Site Selection Officer and current Ceremonies Officer) led the meeting, with assistance from Martyn Pickup, and requested that everyone listen and speak with respect.

- Introductions by all

- At the end of the meeting, Team Berlin presented an open letter to FGG and GLISA, which will be posted on the FGG Intranet with other open letters received during the last year.

Review of actions to date
- Emy Ritt presented a summary of actions to date and reported on several positive exchanges between FGG and GLISA leadership. Both organizations have acknowledged each other’s contributions to the LGBT community. See annex 2 for more detail.

o Summary of Copenhagen session, 27 July 2009, “The Future of LGBT Sport and Culture”
See Annex 2, 3, and 4.

o Dialogue between FGG and GLISA
§ Teleconference on 27 August, 2009
§ Meeting in Brussels on 29 August, 2009 – See Annex 5.

o Future opportunities for continued dialogue include:
§ On-going teleconferences and meetings to be scheduled
§ March 2010 – Manchester, UK - EGLSF AGA
§ July 2010 – Cologne, Germany – Gay Games VIII

- Darl Schaaff presented an overview of organisational structures and typical evolutions of organisations, with a focus on LGBT clubs and teams, including regional and national development. It was pointed out that while many clubs took different paths and started from different directions, the end result was a common framework.

- Group discussion took place regarding potential components of a quadrennial event:
o Sports
o Culture
o Conference

- Participants discussed a conference component.

- Some participants mentioned that the size and scope of a conference would need to be closely managed and that resources would need to be considered for such a large component.

- A comparison was made between Culture and Conference components. The Culture component was added some years after the start of Gay Games and is now an important aspect of the event. Participants mentioned that changes in any event are to be expected based on changes in the LGBT community and the world at large, and are often evolutionary. Therefore, adding a formal conference component would be another example of such an evolutionary change.

- Some participants noted that they would like to attend conferences, but they are usually busy with sports.

- Some participants noted that they would be open to attending a conference during their sporting event if they did not have to pay an additional fee.

- Some participants noted the need to outsource a Human Rights conference due to lack of resources in the organizing teams.

- Participants noted that conferences often serve as a “cover” for those needing a non-LGBT reason for attending, for example, for athletes from countries where homosexuality is illegal and life-threatening.

- Participants also noted that conferences often provide an opportunity for funding.
o HIVOS (http://www.hivos.nl/english) provided funding to Outgames human rights conference
o Many businesses will donate towards a conference rather than a sporting event.


- Participants discussed the strengths of FGG and GLISA, as mentioned in the introduction and as discussed by Wessel and Emy on 29 August 2009. See Annex 5.
o FGG: Sports and Culture
o GLISA: Conferences and Regional Events

- Some participants asked who would own a conference. Is there a need to “own” or “control” the conference?

- Some participants felt that the conference component should be outsourced.

- Some participants felt that FGG should control the content of a potential conference component.

- Some participants felt that another group of experts would or should do this work.

- The dual expressions of “need to control” vs. “need to outsource” appeared to be contradictory.

- There was a suggestion for FGG to possibly license out or outsource the conference to be able to oversee the content, rather than letting a conference organizer decide unilaterally the content. Due to the predominantly LGBT audience at such an event, this seemed necessary by some participants to avoid anti-LGBT content.

- Some participants asked if there were no conference, who or what would motivate scholars to research, write and further educate the world community regarding LGBT Sport and Culture Events and the Gay Games core values, mission and success?

o Example: LGBT sport and culture scholars
§ Caroline Symons, Caroline.Symons@vu.edu.au published works on Gay Games history.
See http://www.amazon.fr/Gay-Games-History-Caroline-Symons/dp/0415472962 .
See also http://www.vu.edu.au/about-vu/our-people/caroline-symons

§ Philip Liotard, liotard@univ-lyon1.fr, who organized the FGG Conference on « Sport, identités, homosexualités, homophobie » in Lyon, France, on 1 December 2006. See: http://www.liens-socio.org/article.php3?id_article=1665

§ Sylvain Ferez, sferez@univ-ag.fr,
« Homophobie et structuration des jeux sportifs homosexuels »
See: http://corpsetculture.revues.org/personne837.html?type=auteur

- Some participants expressed concern that sports with a smaller number of participants would be eliminated if the quadrennial event expanded to include a conference component.

- Building on the acknowledged strengths of FGG and GLISA and recognizing the apparent consensus to have one quadrennial event as soon as possible, participants were asked to consider the possibility of a quadrennial event with sport and culture components organised by FGG and with a conference component organised by GLISA.


Participants were asked to reflect on the future direction of LGBT sport and culture and to reflect on what a quadrennial event might look like in the future; with components and aspects of such an event (text below was taken directly from flipchart – no editing):

1 quadrennial event
Health and wellness
Continental Associations
International Sponsors
Regional Conference
Cooperation vs. antagonism
Conference with outreach at quadrennial event
Flexible host organisation
Relationship with national/government bodies
Harmony with LGBT Sports organisations
Media with international coverage
Partnership with GLISA and other qualified partners
Sports and Cultural component
Affordable and outsourcing
Relationship with political institutions
Capacity and capability building
Partnership with business
Financial stability
Outreach – global diversity

The consensus appeared to indicate support for one quadrennial event with sport, culture, and conference components
o Organised with qualified partners
o With support from business and international media

Next Steps:
FGG and GLISA will discuss and review the results of the latest session and report back to the community.

List of Participants, Cologne session, 2 October 2009
Message to Participants of Copenhagen session on 27 July 2009
Summary of Copenhagen session on 27 July 2009
List of Participants, Copenhagen Conference, 27 July 2009
Summary of FGG-GLISA meeting on 29 August 2009

For any comments or questions, feel free to contact eritt@gaygames.org or kdahl@gaygames.org .

The famous Gay Games VIII train station ad, live on your computer!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GGVIII Basketball Tournament well on it's way to maximum participation

Basketball teams and officials from all over the world will meet next year in Cologne to participate in the Gay Games VIII Basketball Tournament in Cologne (www.games-cologne.com).

1. The basketball venue is well-located and near Aqualand, for players who wish to enjoy some aquatic recreation between the matches.

2. The national German Basketball Federation has confirmed its support and participation.

3. The basketball rules and regulations have been adapted to enhance optimum play by all participants.

4. Recruitment of officials from international and German organisations is well-advanced.

5. FGG and Games Cologne basketball experts are working closely together to offer the best basketball tournament ever.

For more information, click here and see www.games-cologne.com .

See you in Cologne 31 July to 7 August 2010

Gay Games media partner Compete featured in Echelon

LGBT business publication Echelon features Compete Magazine:

The printing industry has definitely endured its challenges as it tries to find a way to survive amidst the growing wave towards online media. Conde Nast has most recently axed some of their titles while decades old Genre magazine went by the way of the dodo. Despite the doom and gloom of the major publishing houses, there still exists die-hard publishers who believe in their publication and strive every day to make it a success. The owners of the aptly named, Compete Magazine, serving Gay and Lesbian sports enthusiasts are up to the challenge.

Continue reading HERE.

Cleveland Synergy Foundation wins award at first LGBT Heritage Day

The first Cleveland LGBT Heritage Day was the occasion for new "Shining Star" awards to be presented to leaders of the local LGBT community. Cleveland Synergy Foundation, the successful bidder for the 2014 Gay Games, won the first "Life in Cleveland"award. Seen here is CSF founder Doug Anderson with Valarie McCall. (photo G.L. Honaker/Vision Video Productions)


GAY GAMES VIII - COLOGNE - REGISTER before fee increase
The biggest sports and cultural festival in the world will take place in Cologne from July 31 to August 7, 2010. Some 12,000 participants from more than 70 countries will converge for the Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 and celebrate the principles of participation, inclusion and personal best. Almost 2000 participants are registered now, with sailing and golf nearing maximum capacity. Registration fees will increase by 25 Euros on 31 December 2009, so register now!

“Be part of it!” Gay Games VII is open to everyone – regardless of sexual orientation, gender, athletic skills, physical capabilities, or age. Register here for the VIII Gay Games. (www.games-cologne.com)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Watch Didier Digneffe on RTBF's Studio 1

New FGG board member Didier Digneffe will appear on the Belgian TV channel "La Deux" Studio 1 Tribune football program Monday evening, 20.00 CET, to talk about refereeing (and maybe about the Gay Games?). Follow the show online HERE. Mais ce sera en français, alors...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sunday, 11 October 2009 is Gay Games VIII discount day!

Register now with a discount of 10 Euros

The Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 will start in 293 days – and you can be part of it if you register now! Currently, the registration fee amounts 125 Euro*. However, if you want to pay less you should register on Sunday, October 11, 2009**! As we love numbers games, we will grant you for your registration a discount of 10 Euro tomorrow! For this propose please enter the discount code 111009 on your registration form. Please note that during the registration procedure tomorrow a respective box will be provided at www.games-cologne.com. As soon as you enter the discount code 111009, you will see the registration fees of 115 Euros on your bill.

We look forward for your registration! We especially look forward to your participation at the Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 during the first August week 2010. On our program we have planned 34 different sport disciplines and five cultural events - there is something for everybody. Moreover we’re planning a wide supporting program. However, you can already book your tickets for many attractions from our entertainment series “Fans & Friends”.

Be part of it!


** the reduction code is only valid on 11 October 2009 from 0.00 until 24.00, decisive is the local time of the country where the registration is carried out.

Friday, October 9, 2009


The biggest sports and cultural festival in the world will take place in Cologne from July 31 to August 7, 2010. Some 12,000 participants from more than 70 countries will converge for the Gay Games VIII Cologne 2010 and celebrate the principles of participation, inclusion and personal best. Almost 2000 participants are registered now, with sailing and golf nearing maximum capacity.

“Be part of it!” Gay Games VII is open to everyone – regardless of your sexual orientation, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic heritage, political convictions, athletic skills, physical capabilities, age or physical condition.

You can
register here for the VIII Gay Games. SEE YOU IN COLOGNE!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why Cleveland?

From the many articles or blog posts on the choice of Cleveland as host of Gay Games IX in 2014, here's a particularly interesting one featuring some FGG board members with their take on the results of site selection and the thinking of some voting members.

Read it HERE in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Muslim team refuses to play gay-friendly football team in Paris

Adapted from an article in Le Nouvel Observateur, HERE.

Because "our beliefs are far more important than a football game," said Bébel of Créteil, France, a club of "practicing Muslims", "we can not play" against Paris Foot Gay, a gay-friendly soccer club.

Paris Foot Gay club is indignant that the Muslim club refused to play against it on Sunday, October 4, because of Paris Foot Gay's status as a proudly gay and gay-friendly team.

In a statement, Paris Foot Gay asked their league, the CFL (recreational football league), a signatory of the Charter Against Homophobia, to impose the appropriate sanctions." The club also plans to file a criminal complaint, noting that "homophobia, like racism, is subject to criminal prosecution."

The organizing committee of the match was said to be "stunned" at the refusal, according to France Inter news, and summoned Créteil Bébel to explain.

"Our belief, more important than football match"

Saturday, October 3, Paris Foot Gay received an email signed by Créteil Bébel canceling the match between the two teams scheduled for the next day.

"Sorry, but from the name of your team and in accordance with the principles of our team, a team of practicing Muslims, we cannot play against you; our beliefs are far more important than a football game. Once again, we apologize for informing you of this so late," wrote Créteil Bébel.

A letter that is quite polite, remarks Paris Foot Gay, but that notes that "this team has simply refused to play a match so as to avoid having to play against homosexuals." The club stated that "Paris Foot Gay is not a communitarian club, and is open to all, straight people and gay, happy to fight together against prejudice and discrimination."

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cleveland? Yes! In the Loop podcast

Listen to Michael Murphy talking about how the "Games that change the world" are already changing Cleveland. Click HERE to download the In the Loop podcast from Minnesota Public Radio, or use the player below.

FGG Board Elections - 45% from Europe and Australia

Following the recent FGG Board elections, 45% of board members reside in Europe or Australia. This is the result of a concerted effort to broaden the scope and representation of FGG Board members. The parity between female and male board members is 20%.

- 45% ( 9 of 20) reside in Europe or Australia.

- 55% (11 of 20) reside in North America.

- 20% ( 4 of 20) are women
- 80% (16 of 20) are men

Officer at Large: Didier Diffegne

Co-President: Emy Ritt
Officer Sports 2: Marc Naimark
Officer at Large: Sonia Abécassis

Officer at Large: Sébastien Datiche

Officer at Large: Martyn Pickup

Pacific Rim
VP Operations: Jon Baldan
VP External Relations: Kate Rowe
Officer International Development: Paul White

North America
Officer Ceremonies: Darl Schaaff

Secretary: Sean Fitzgerald

Co-President & VP Host Relations: Kurt Dahl

VP Membership: Paul Oostenbrug
Officer Technology: Israel Wright
Officer Site Selection: Dennis Sneyers

New York
VP Diversity: Laura Moore

San Francisco
Treasurer: Alan Lessik

Officer Marketing: Doug Litwin

Officer Culture: Robbie Davis
Officer Communications: Kelly Stevens

Sunday, October 4, 2009

October 5 event features FoFGG Brian Sims on being "Out on the Gridiron"

FoFGG (Friend of the FGG) Brian Sims will be speaking at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, in Indiana, PA, about 50 miles east of Pittsburgh.

Sims, former star football player from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, came out as gay to his teammates during the most intense and successful season Bloomsburg has ever had. Brian, now an attorney in Philadelphia, tells his story of team unity and support as well as the lessons learned from the openness and acceptance of others.

Details HERE

Diversity and Inclusion and Sports: from Hans Jablonski's keynote address to the FGG General Assembly

Diversity was a key reason why London, on of the most multicultural cities in the world, was chosen to host the Games in the bidding process.

It is not simply about recruiting a diverse workforce, it's about the suppliers, the competitors, the officials and the spectators. We aim to make diversity and inclusion a key differentiator of the 2012 Olympic Games.

We are closely with key stakeholders and partners to understand their perspectives, issues and concerns, to inform and shape our diversity and inclusion strategy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time Magazine Coverage

The Gay Games produces the largest multisport global event, run by athletes. Many people, inside and outside of the LGBT community do not know this fact. The site selection of Cleveland, OH, for the 2014 has caused one the biggest peak in media interest and articles. One big media name is Time Magazine. Time ran this article we welcome you to read it.

Click HERE to read the article.

Edge reports on Cleveland 2014 Site Selection

The Edge is the largest online LGBT news service and the Editor-In-Chief Steve Weinstein wrote an article giving his understanding of why Cleveland was the best choice for the 2014 Gay Games. The Edge is run in Boston and Washington DC, so this article gives a special view of the results of the site selection decision.

Click HERE to read the article:


What are the Gay Games?

From GayLife on About.com:

The Gay Games were established to provide a competitive sporting environment where anyone, as the Federation of Gay Games describes, can "experience camaraderie and validation through sport and culture," regardless of skill level, age or sexual and gender identity. At the Gay Games, personal best trumps competitive exclusion.

When Did The Games Begin?:
The Gay Games, previously known as San Francisco Arts & Athletics, was established on 1980 by Dr. Tom Waddell, a 1968 Olympic decathlete who lost his battle with AIDS in 1987, and a group of San Francisco residents. Today, the quadrennial event is organized by the Federation of Gay Games and is held in various cities throughout the world. The first official games were held in 1982, boasting over 1,350 participants. Today, the games attract over 11,000 athletes from over 70 countries. The 2006 Gay Games in Chicago contributed an estimated $80 million to the local economy.

How Can I Participate In The Gay Games?:

Gay Games VIII will be held in Cologne from July 31 to August 7, 2010. Participants can register for 34 athletic disciplines from volleyball and soccer to chess and figure skating. Musicians, visual artists, cheerleaders as well as dancers are invited to participate in cultural events throughout the week.

Do I Need To Pre-Qualify?:
There are no pre-qualifying events or times required to participate in the Gay Games. The Federation of Gay Games "welcomes all people without regard to their sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political belief, physical ability, athletic/artistic ability, or HIV status."

Where Were Previous Gay Games Held?:

* Gay Games IX - Cleveland (2014)
* Gay Games VIII - Cologne (2010) exp. 12,000
* Gay Games VII - Chicago (2006) 11,000 participants
* Gay Games VI - Sydney (2002) 11,000 participants
* Gay Games V - Amsterdam (1998) 13,000 participants
* Gay Games IV - New York (1994) 12,500 participants
* Gay Games III - Vancouver (1990) 7,300 participants
* Gay Games II - San Francisco (1986) 3,500 participants
* Gay Games I - San Francisco (1982) 1,650 participants

Outreach on the agenda of first meeting of the new Board of Directors of the Federation of Gay Games

The Board of Directors elected by the Federation Assembly at its 2009 Annual Meeting met for the first time this morning. Among the highlights of the agenda are a meeting with the presumptive host for Gay Games IX from Cleveland.

Among the decisions made during this meeting was the approval of the following resolution:

Whereas the Federation of Gay Games is an international organisation that seeks to expand its presence around the world, and whereas the Federation is particularly eager to support the development of LGBT sport and culture in Latin America, the Federation resolves to organise as soon as practical a meeting in Latin America.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Venue visits cap a successful 2009 Annual Meeting

If the Federation of Gay Games requests that the host of Gay Games organize its Annual Meeting in their city in the year prior to the Games, it is in large part to allow the delegates pressent to visit the venues planned for their sport and culture events, to express concerns and make suggestions, and to return to the organizations and communities they represent confident that next year's Games will be a success.

These tasks were carried out to the great satisfaction of all involved, both representatives from the FGG Board and Assembly, and the staff and volunteers of Games Cologne. Friday's visits focused on the Sportpark Muengersdorf, the site for the great majority of Gay Games VIII sports.

Sportpark Muengersdorf is a 14-minute tram ride from Rudolfplatz, in the heart of a major gay neighborhood, and the planned site for a Gay Games VIII village.

"Herding cats"

Annette Wachter describes the entry of participants into RheinEnergieStadion for Opening Ceremony.

In the Opening Ceremony configuration, RheinEnergieStadion has a capacity of 38,000.

Plans are not finalized, but Annette was able to provide a great deal of information about the potential of the RheinEnergieStadion.

Major renovation work is underway on the main swimming pool to make it compliant with international standards.

Work will be complete by March for this venue which will be used for Swimming and Pink Flamingo.

In the fields behind the RheinEnergieStadion is plenty of space for football pitches and temporary softball fields. In the rolling wooded area beyond, Mountain Bike and the Road Races will take place.

A bit of impromptu Beach Volleyball at the Playa in Colonia, with Games Cologne Volleyball sports manager Ludger, Fernando of MovdeinChile, and Michael and Bob from the Cleveland Synergy Foundation (Cleveland Synergy Foundation started out as an organization to promote and organize volleyball tournaments).

Andrea, Games Cologne manager for Martial Arts, presenting the beautiful venue for Martial Arts in Gay Games VIII.

The two indoor pools of the Swimming Center will host Synchronized Swimming, Diving, and Water Polo.

NetCologneStadion is a recently built venue to be used for Track and Field, and for Football finals.

The venue for Powerlifting was chosen because of its floor surface that won't be damaged by the movement of weights and other equipment used.

The main gymnasium can be divided as needed for Volleyball, Handball, Basketball, and other sports.

In addition to sport venues, they were able to visit some of the catering facilities, which include the Mensas, or student dining halls, which will offer meals for less than 5 euros during the Games. FGG representatives participating in the site visit were delighted with the venues they saw and the sports managers they were able to meet.